4th Royal Eltham


Photo Gallery

Questions about our photos?

Various Photos 2018

Christmas at Kingsdown

Wilverley - Halloween 2018

Spain (Estartit) 2013

Thriftwood - September 2018

Summer Camp at Biblins - July 2018

Downe - June 2018

Beaudesert - May 2018

Beavers Climbing Day - April 2018

Kingsdown - February 2018

Various Photos - 2017

Chief's 40 Years Award











































































Questions about our web site photos?

Q - Why do the photos have a watermark now?
A -  They are photos of children and we are obliged to disuade copying.
Q - Why are the photos so small?
A - To reduce the appearance time when viewed via slower connections.
Q - Can I have copy's of the photos?
A - Yes, just ask one of the leaders and we can arrange for you to be sent a link to the original photos.
Q - Will copy's of the photos be the same as the one's on the web site.
A - No. They will be in their original size and quality and without the watermark. However, you must agree to the terms mentioned below.
Q - Can I re-post any of the photos to social media sites such as Facebook.
A - We ask that you do not re-post any of our photos if they contain images of other peoples children unless you have the parent/s / guardian/s permission.