4th Royal Eltham


Eating Utensils

The first rule of camping; If it can be broken it probably will be!

 The popular quote; My knife is silver, this knife is silver, this is my knife!

You will need a knife, fork, spoon, cup, plate and bowl. When you buy eating utensils make sure that they are made of strong material. China plates and bowls rarely even get to the camp site. Plastic knives, forks and spoons often get broken as well. 

Put your name on as much of your equipment as you can, things can easily get mixed up. If your name is on it, there can be no doubt that it is yours.

The mess tins shown above are well worth the £5-£6.00p. Not only can you get more food in them, they can also be used as cooking pans. 

....And by-the-way, don't forget to bring a tea towel!