4th Royal Eltham


Putting the OUT in ScOUTing

We've been putting the out in Scouting for years and as you can see from our photo gallery, we continue to do so. Almost every month of the year we have an activity planned. Take a look at our Calendar.


5:15-6:15 PM for Beavers (aged 6 to 8)

6:30 - 7:50 PM for Cubs (aged 8 to 10)

8:00 - 9:30 PM for Scouts (aged 8 to 10)



Our aims

To provide an opportunity for young people to develop, to learn and to enjoy themselves. To offer a wider range of skills and services than perhaps other, more 'specialised', youth organisation's could provide. Our membership is open to any young person, of any creed or colour, mental or physical capabilities and of any sex.



Join Us
If your aged from 6 to Adult why not give Scouting a try? As you can see from our photo Gallery we have an adventure packed programme of trips and events throughout the year. 



We have made every effort to comply with the Scout Associations rules regarding web sites. However, should you find any images or words that you feel are inappropriate please contact us as quickly as possible.